Experience the Nitro Effect

It's easy to get stuck

Tedious calorie counting, complicated meal plans and restrictive diets are frustrating and unrealistic. 

See how Nitro Nutrition is different...

The Nitro Effect

Is an experience in your body that:

Enables healthy inflammatory response

Promotes circulation

Naturally balances blood sugar


Optimises digestion


Supports collagen resilience


the 8 inflammatory foods

causing chaos in your body

Mark Macdonald
coaching you to success

Mark is a world-renowned nutrition & fitness expert, #1 best-selling author, television personality, international speaker, and entrepreneur who has coached celebrities, athletes, executives, and even busy mums and dads on how to improve their health and fitness with science-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

The Plan: Reset Your Body & Accelerate Your Results

21-Day Reset

Reset your metabolism and digestion by learning how to optimise your food and fitness.

Monthly Accelerate

Amplify the Nitro Effect and take your health results to the next level!

The Products: Made with a Purpose

Powerful, nature-based products to support your transformation and help you benefit from the Nitro Effect in your body.

The Nitro Effect is an experience in your body that enables healthy inflammatory response, promotes circulation, naturally balances blood sugar, optimises digestion, and supports collagen resilience—all to empower you to live your greatest health!

Kyäni Sunrise®

A delicious blend of concentrated vitamins and minerals featuring 22 powerhouse superfoods for healthy living. Supply your body with the antioxidant support it needs daily.
Kyäni Sunset®

All-natural tocotrienols and omega-3s for healthy living. Sunset softgels provide key benefits that support heart health and cognitive brain function.
Kyäni Nitro Xtreme®

Optimise nutrient absorption. Enhance the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps you absorb the nutrients you eat and promotes healthy circulation in the body.
Kyäni HL5®

On-the-go hydrolysed collagen protein. Support healthy joints, skin, and hair. Optimise fat metabolism. Supports healthy immune function, gut health and long-lasting energy.

Grass fed hydrolysed collagen and whey protein isolate. Build lean muscle. Improve post-workout recovery. Support bone and joint health.

Macronutrient-balanced shake featuring a premium plant-based protein blend made from fava beans, peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to support strong muscles, help fuel metabolism, help maintain a healthy weight, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Additional product information and Supplement Fact Panels are available in the Store for all products.

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The Community: Your New Home

When you join Nitro Nutrition you get exclusive access to our Nitro Nation private Facebook group where we will celebrate you and provide you with:

Daily motivation

Delicious and simple recipes

Live coaching and support

Fun workouts and tips

Inspirational success stories

Support from around the world as a global community member


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Customers are saying...

Blown away how quickly 21 days went past. This reset by far has been the best fitness plan and strength gaining program I have ever experienced over the many years of trying everything… I’ve found it easy to stick to the plan and I have long-lasting energy throughout the day. This is only the beginning for me. It’s definitely a lifestyle change. I’m still not where I want to be but I know I’m on the right track & I have the help of our amazing Kyäni products & Nitro Nutrition to make it happen! Time to Accelerate!

Louise Grossi


This Nitro Nutrition Program has been so simple and easy to stick with. I have had no cravings and have not felt hungry as eating every 3 hours means you are not always waiting for the next meal! After doing many other programs over my life I feel this is a new lifestyle for me!  🌻☀️


Janeane Kearney


My 21 Day Reset was to tone up my core, work on building lean muscle and strengthen my body, I feel great! 🥰❤️ I can’t believe how much energy I have and my stamina has definitely improved with the daily exercise choices. 🏋️‍♀️


Ellen Keble


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