Amare Happy Juice

Experience Amare’s three most popular products in one easy-to-mix, mood-supporting drink! Designed to target the gut-brain axis, Happy Juice is the tastiest way to optimize your mental wellness.* #AmareHappyJuice


  • Boosts mood and motivation*
  • Provides overall health for the second brain, the gut*
  • Enhances mental performance*
  • Provides fuel for a highly productive day*


  • Includes Amare’s three most popular and trusted mental wellness products: (1) MentaBiotics, (1) Energy+, (1) Amare EDGE
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients that are clinically validated to optimize neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA*


  • MentaBiotics improves the gut-brain axis and optimizes mental wellness resilience*
  • Energy+ delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance, without the jitters or crash*
  • Amare EDGE provides all-natural nootropic that support motivation*

Packed with probiotics, prebiotics, and phytonutrients for resilience and a “happy” gut microbiome.*

Powered by Guayusa or Rooibos for clear, focused, reliably awesome, all-natural energy.

*Available in Dragon Fruit (Caffeine Free & Sugar Free)

Synergistically potent, brain-boosting ingredients for an all-natural nootropic that supports motivation.
*Available in  Grape [Stick Packs]

Disclaimer: Product reviews and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Amare does not guarantee specific results, as these are the opinions of individuals and results may vary.

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