Potato Pak

Kyäni has used its expertise in both nutrition and agriculture to develop Potato Pak–life-sustaining nutrition packs, which are donated by the Caring Hands Foundation to those who lack the means to feed themselves. Each serving of Potato Pak is fortified with over 10 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins and minerals, to deliver life-sustaining nutrition to people who have no means to feed themselves. It also meets all the nutritional requirements set forth by the World Food Program as a complete meal.

Whether you are a Kyäni Business Partner or a Kyäni Customer, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people who are in need of food, shelter, and hope. You can either make an outright donation to Caring Hands or purchase Potato Paks for distribution to people and communities or communities in need of basic nutrition or disaster relief. Click on the link below to learn more, make a donation, or purchase a Potato Pak for distribution. Kyäni, and the people who receive your generosity, thank you.

Kyäni's Emphasis on Giving Back

Helping others has always been a major part of the Founders’ core beliefs. This passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and is the foundation for Caring Hands. Kyäni has traveled to the most remote areas of the world to help those without substantive nutrition, along with those who need schools to educate their children and shelter from the elements.